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Opportunities for Leveraging Ohio's Great Outdoors

New Report Shares Findings of Recent Studies and Conversations with Ohio's Travel Businesses

The Ohio Travel Association and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources collaborated on regional meetings in late 2013 to discuss opportunities and challenges for promoting and developing nature tourism experiences. This report shares these findings, as well as recent studies.

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Managing Forward: 7 Tips for Setting Effective Business Goals

By: Jeremy Myers with Amber Bacon

Great managers understand that performance management and employee development involve setting goals, monitoring and measuring performance, developing talent and rewarding performance. The OTA development series Managing Forward identifies topics that are important to managers of Ohio's travel industry and provides solutions and best practices to help you succeed.

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Planning for a Larger Table

OTA Vision for the Future Focuses on our Powerful Industry

Your OTA board met last week for its annual planning retreat. Although the room only held 26, there was a general feeling that there were many more present, because we spent a lot of time reviewing the OTA membership survey where you voiced your thoughts and opinions.

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Imagine a World without Travel

What would our world be like if we never traveled beyond 50 miles? OTA Executive Director Melinda Huntley provides her perspective on what would happen during her speech at the 2013 Ohio Conference on Tourism.

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The Comparable Attributes

Melinda Huntley, OTA Executive Director

As an industry, we often talk about our competitive advantages or disadvantages, and typically, that conversation turns to “If only” statements. “If only we had more money to promote” or “If only more residents understood how my tourism business benefits our community.” When we only talk about competitive advantage, we focus on what we don’t have. While continuing to build our competitive advantage is important, and remains a key focus as we move ahead to advance Ohio, let’s talk a minute about our industry’s comparable attributes.

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Preparing for the Social Consumer

Every person that comes into your place of business can tell all of their friends about your products and your customer service before even walking out the door.

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Reverse Mentoring

When people talk about mentoring, you usually think of a more established person mentoring the new kid on the block. That is not always the case though.

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Networking Made Easier

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: Networking is hard. And well, some of us just hate it. I think we all know more than a few people that would rather be in their footie pajamas eating potato chips at home instead of an event.

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