Equip Your Business for the Future

The only constant thing in life is change,” -- Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

Just think about the changes to Ohio’s tourism industry’s markets and the way we reach our customers over the last five years. Not to mention the generational patterns that are impacting our customer’s expectations and the way we manage our employees.

The Ohio Travel Association stays at the forefront of these changes and others, giving you the information, tools and skills you need to adjust and embrace these changes as opportunities. To do so, we need to hear from our industry often. Let us know your challenges or potential opportunities. Our goal is for Ohio’s tourism industry to have a trained workforce, educated leadership, and informed members and their stakeholders. By working together, we can achieve.


Ohio Conference on Travel: Take part in the state’s largest gathering of travel and tourism professionals each year for education, conversations, and invigoration.

Ohio Tourism Leadership Academy: Prepare you, your employees, or your partners to take the next step toward being an industry leader.

The Perfect Pitch: Find out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming up when you want media attention.

Focus on Tourism Workshops: Stay on top of trends and tactics during these one-day workshops.

Paul Sherlock Award: Nominate your tourism hero for the highest honor in Ohio’s travel industry.

Emerging Leader Award:
Honor budding travel leaders with under 15 years of professional experience in the industry. 

RUBY Awards:
Be recognized for your marketing brilliance during this all-Ohio marketing competition.