Tourism Sales Manager

Experience Columbus

Title:                      Tourism Sales Manager

Reports to:            Director, Tourism Sales


Primarily promote and sell Columbus as a leisure destination for group tours to group leaders, family and Military reunion planners, bank travel clubs and affinity groups.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Achieve annual room night and sales lead quotas:
  1. Dual - Manage the Leisure Group Network, its activities and budget:
  1. Manage the Columbus Group Tour Co-op and its sales and marketing activities and budget:
  1. Plan, execute, and host annual Reunion Planning Seminar:
  1. Support tourism marketing effort:

Other Responsibilities:

  1. Represent Experience Columbus:
  1. Maintain, develop and utilize the sales database for assigned market segments in a timely, thorough manner
  2. Develop the project budgets for assigned market segment and manage budgets

Education and Experience:

Competencies and Skills:


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