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Update and Action Needed to Protect J1 Workers

Write Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

In previous eClips and legislative alerts, we've notified you of a pending threat to Ohio businesses who use J-1 workers to supplement staffing. Read more here, but here's a snapshot. The administration is considering proposals to eliminate or restrict several J-1 cultural exchange programs, including the Summer Work Travel and Camp Counselor programs. 

We've just learned that a Senate Appropriations committee approved an amendment to the budget bill requiring a full public notice and comment process, consultation with the committee and an analysis of the impact to public diplomacy and the economy before any proposed changes to these J-1 programs could take place. This is encouraging, but we need to continue to make our voices heard.

Write Secretary Tillerson

Please take a few moments and submit a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Here is an easy way to make this happen. Although it says "see the letter below", recognize that after you complete your contact information on the form, the next page gives you a copy of the letter that is editable. That way, you can personalize if you wish.

Join the #SaveJ1 Social Campaign

Here are some sample posts you can use.  

  • Businesses benefit from the Summer Work Travel program. Without it, a quarter of employers say they would not be able to stay open during the season. Support U.S. businesses, #SaveJ1 
  • The Trump Administration wants to eliminate the Summer Work Travel program, a successful U.S. Department of State sponsored student exchange program. Without it, the U.S. economy and position in the world suffer. Learn why we need to #SaveJ1
  • As American students head back to school, the J-1 visa program helps fill the gap for temporary, seasonal jobs across the country. Now it’s at risk of being eliminated, putting an undue burden on our businesses. Find out more
  • According to published reports, summer work participation among American students has been declining since 1990. The Summer Work Travel cultural exchange program helps fill that gap. Now it’s at risk of elimination. Share this message. Help #SaveJ1
  • J1 visa programs help the 97% of employers who require a surplus of seasonal employment. These programs are now under threat of elimination, which would hurt small business owners. Learn more
  • Seasonal labor shortages hurt our nation’s small business leaders. J1 visa programs have been a solution, but these programs are now at risk of being eliminated. Cultural exchanges matter, we must #SaveJ1
  • As summer work participation among U.S. students declines, the J1 program fills the gap. Now it may be cut 
  • #SaveJ1 programs & the 25% of U.S. employers who may have to shut if Summer Work Travel is eliminated.
  • The J1 visa cultural exchange program helps Ohio businesses thrive. Learn more about it and how to #SaveJ1. 
  • 25% of our nation’s business leaders say they rely on Summer Work Travel programs to stay open.
  • Support Ohio businesses and jobs. #SaveJ1




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