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Instagram Makes Leaps and Bounds in Programming

Use New Features to Reach Your Audience

Since unveiling in Oct. 2010, Instagram became one of the fastest-growing and popular social media platforms, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Within the first five years or so, Instagram remained true to its intended purpose: photo sharing. However, with competition rising, Instagram has unveiled several new features within the last year to combat those of Snapchat, an equally popular platform in competition with Instagram. In the last few months, Instagram has launched several new and exciting functions. All of these functions can help you grow your business, expand your audience and keep up with their technological demands. Here are the new features and what you need to know to navigate them.

  1. Instagram Live: Late in 2016, Instagram launched a live video function along with its parent company, Facebook, allowing users to broadcast their actions in real time for all followers to see. This feature combats the live function of apps like Snapchat and Periscope. Instagram Live is fairly new, and using it could bring in customers and generate new revenue, simply by clicking the camera icon on the top right of the homepage and selecting “Live”. With this advantage, many businesses and celebrities took to live videos, letting audiences in on their lives, giving them glimpses of what happens throughout their day. You too can utilize this new feature to let your customers into your company’s daily routines. For example, a zoo or aquarium could use Instagram Live to broadcast the various habitats and animals to welcome guests to see them in-person. By showcasing the daily happenings in your business, customers can get a taste of what’s in store if they were to come and visit.

  2. Instagram Stories: Like Instagram Live, and in the same section of the app, stories are another great way of connecting with your audience by posting special content. Since stories only last a full day, it is content that they can only see for a limited time. Instagram is a great way of cementing your visual brand, and the stories let your audience see that brand more often, without having to bog down your profile with picture after picture. Stories are a perfect way to broadcast events or special days for your business. They also allow you to shed a more informal, approachable light onto your business. For example, if you’re throwing an event for your business, or are participating in a fair or showcase, use stories (as well as Instagram Live) to let your viewers in on the behind-the-scenes action, giving them an intimate view.

  3. Multi-Photo: A feature set to premiere in the next few months, a new multi-photo feature allows you to post multiple photos in a slideshow-like format. Instead of posting several pictures of an event, the slideshow feature will allow followers to swipe left or right on the photo to view a whole slew of pictures that accompany it, allowing you to post multiple photos in only one slot. This saves your customers or followers time in having to scroll through their timeline or your profile page.

Instagram has and will continue to bring new and exciting features to shake up social media. Keeping with the trends delivers a greater experience in representing your visual brand to your audience. Instagram Live and Instagram Stories offers your customers a closer look into the happenings of your business, whether that is a sneak peek into an event or just a fun day at the office. Plus with the new multi-photo feature set to premiere soon, followers can see several photos in one go, allowing you to showcase the best that your business has to offer, without bogging down your feed with several posts. Let your brand be seen, go live and have fun connecting with your audience and bringing new customers in as well.