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Getting Your Share of the Drive Market

Expand your idea of a roadtrip. Pinpoint your audience. Be creative.

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Getting Your Share of Drive Travel

Research across the board is confirming Americans are more comfortable getting behind the wheel for their next trip versus boarding a plane. In an AdWeek article yesterday, PwC says their latest research of 1,000 travelers reveals 80% of respondents who flew in 2019 would limit their next vacation to a drive trip.

Let’s also consider that RV sales are up 170% year-over-year, also indicating growing interest overall in roadtrips.  

Jason Therrien, president of Thunder::Tech, was our guest during our marketing series webinar this week. He reminded all that Ohio is a gold mine for road trips with 60% of Americans living within 600 miles and 15% of Americans living within 300 miles. However, he also said that with this increased interest in road travel, your competition is heating up as more and more destinations within and outside Ohio all will be competing for your road warrior guests.

To differentiate your destination, attraction, hotel, etc. from the pack, here are some tips from Jason’s webinar on June 3 and the conversations with your peers today during our Community Chat include the following:

Make the journey as important as getting them to your destination


Pinpoint. Don’t try to be everything to everybody.


Communicate and deliver exactly what your target audience wants


Get the best Return on Ad Spend


Create a written plan for marketing to roadtrip guests

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