Communications & Marketing Manager

Enjoy Oxford

Job Title: Communications & Marketing Manager

This position is primarily responsible for Communications, Outreach, and Marketing. Thisincludes writing and distributing press releases, blog creation, and online advertising. Additionally, being the “voice” of Enjoy Oxford through the management of its social media channels.

Reports To: Executive Director
Organization Culture: Enjoy Oxford is proud to provide “the welcome” to the City of Oxford. We promote a positive, high energy message which values diversity as we welcome people to our community from all around the world. Our organization’s voice is positive, engaging, supportive and welcoming. We value hard work, team collaboration and an independent drive to accomplish our mission.

Website Content:

Blog Creation

  • Track frequently asked questions about Oxford and create blog topics based on these searches.
  • Create an editorial calendar of blog topics for the year.
  • Write blogs and share them on social channels, as well as send them out to any online publications that may be interested in sharing them (Ohio Magazine, Ohio Travel Association, etc.)
  • Invite guest bloggers to participate in content creation.

Guest Itineraries

  • Create and update guest itineraries on the Enjoy Oxford Website.

General Content

  • Determine what content is needed on the website and procure it. May include images, video,
    text, etc.

Social Media:

  • Create an editorial calendar of content to post on our various social media pages.
  • Update social media pages several days a week.
  • Track partner pages to engage with and share their content when applicable.
  • Engage with followers and answer questions/comments as needed.
  • Speak with Enjoy Oxford voice and provide positive, welcoming messaging.

External Communications and Marketing:

Press Releases/Article Pitches about the City of Oxford

  • Draft and distribute these to national publications and news media.

Organization Newsletter

  • Craft a monthly newsletter of City events and activities for recreational use.
  • Craft a monthly Business newsletter for business owners, alerting them of large incoming groups and events.

Digital Advertising

  • Either manage the Enjoy Oxford Google Ads account or work closely with a trusted third party (such as the co-op program) to manage the account.
  • Create Social Media ad campaigns to further promote Oxford and its events to a wider audience (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter).
  • Consistently track travel influencers and online travel publications for partnership

General Organization Support(other duties)

  • Determine and execute marketing strategies for Enjoy Oxford events.
  • Information distribution to business partners.
  • Serve as Representative on duty in the Office and assist with daily operations as assigned.
  • Engage/Reach out to potential event partners.
  • Event set up and support as needed.
  • Visitor support: ability to speak about Oxford’s literature and amenities to direct and better serve our visitors in our community.


  • Must have a high school diploma and prefer a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications or related field.
  • Be able to work year-round, 40 hours a week. Hours are primarily during business hours 9 am-5 pm but will require an occasional weekend or evening for events.
  • Have strong communication skills, writing skills, and knowledge of social media and experience
    connecting with targeted audiences.
  • Engaging and professional writing skills.
  • Have a strong social media presence or have experience managing social media accounts for businesses.
  • Ability to self-motivate and manage tasks independently.
  • Have organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent customer service skills, friendly and can engage and offer assistance to visitors in our community.
  • Strong knowledge of the Oxford community is preferred.

How to Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to 

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