Mission, Vision and Strategy




Together, we inspire, champion and power

the advancement of Ohio's travel industry.


Ohio's travel industry is not only more competitive, but it is increasingly recognized for providing good jobs, business profits, government revenue, entrepreneurial opportunities and an unprecedented quality of life for Ohio residents. The industry is strong, equipped and more profitable because the Ohio Travel Association has been its catalyst for change, connected the industry to resources and coached the industry toward success.

The Ohio Travel Association is the leading voice and shepherd of the industry, and its members include all who care about a thriving leisure and business travel economy, including those who conduct business directly with our guests, suppliers to those who service guests, and businesses throughout a community who benefit from increased traveler spending and a strong and positive Ohio image. 
Ohio's travel experiences are the best-in-the-land, with unique regional itineraries connecting travelers and groups to attractions, lodging, dining and retail.  

Employees throughout member organizations are involved and active, from front-line employees who recognize their important roles in the industry and who are launching their careers, to CEOs who count on the Ohio Travel Association to speak up for their business interests. Because it shares the passion and mission of the industry it serves, the Ohio Travel Association is strong, better equipped and sustainable, allowing it to respond to industry challenges and opportunities in professional, dynamic and unexpected ways to achieve industry success. 


The Ohio Travel Association Strategic Plan was adopted following a board retreat, review of membership surveys and conversations with industry members throughout the state. Each year, the OTA board assesses the strategy and defines action plans toward reaching goals.

2022-23 Annual Report