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Updates 06/17/2022: Ohio's Travel Industry and Current Travel Research



Key findings from Longwoods International fielded June 8:

  • 91% of travelers say they plan to travel in the next six months, up 2% from May 11.
  • On their next leisure trip, travelers plan to:
    • Visit friends and family (53%)
    • Go to the beach or waterfront (48%)
    • Take a road trip (45%)
    • Go shopping (44%)
    • Explore a city (37%)
    • Visit National Park, State Park, or Monument (34%)
  • As for factors impacting decisions to travel in the next six months, 16% say COVID-19, 25% say concerns of their final situation, and 33% say transportation costs will impact their decisions on travel.
  • A survey record-high 41% of American travelers now say rising gas prices will greatly impact their decision to travel in the next six months. up from 32% on May 11.
  • The impact of rising gas prices has impacted traveler plans:
    • 39% say they are choosing destinations closer to home
    • 39% say they are reducing the number of trips they take
    • 34% are reducing the amount they spend on retail purchases
    • 30% say they are reducing the amount they spend on entertainment and recreation
    • 27% say they are reducing the amount they spend on food and beverage
    • 15% say rising gas prices are not impacting their travel plans
  • Despite all these inflationary pressures and concerns, demand for travel is still at record highs with 91% of American travelers still indicating plans to take a trip within the next six months.


Key findings from MMGY Travel Intelligence released this week: 

  • According to Portrait of American Travel research from MMGY Travel Intelligence, with data collected from more than 4,500 respondents, 65% of travelers still intend to take a leisure trip in the next six months even with obstacles in today’s travel environment.
  • Nearly 8 in 10 leisure travels say the cost of travel is more significant than COVID-19 concerns for the first time.
  • Though the travel costs rise, travels do not plan to cancel their trips”
    • 48% say they are more likely to travel closer to home
    • 35% say they will decrease spending money on entertainment or shopping
    • 30% plan to make meals instead of eating out
  • Perception of safety continues to improve for domestic travel (up 7 points from one year ago) and international travel (up 12 points from one year ago).
  • With travelers feeling safer, the likelihood of travelers taking an international trip has increased to pre-pandemic levels.


Additional Market and Industry Updates 

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