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Ohio Tourism Political Action Committee

OTA’s political action committee, the Ohio Tourism PAC, is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit political action committee with the goal to improve and protect the travel industry in Ohio. Through generous contributions, the industry is making a unified effort to obtain better government through education and political action.

The PAC is different than the Legislative Action Fund, because while PAC funds can only be received by individuals making personal contributions, the Legislative Action Fund can accept donations from your business or organization.

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OTA's lobbying efforts are paid for by private donations by those with an interest in the state’s travel industry. These contributions are used to support those legislative representatives who are friends of the travel industry, and whom you can count on to support OTA's interests when it comes time to vote on legislation important to your well-being. Help OTA to constantly replenish funds in the Ohio Tourism PAC to support candidates who are important to the health of the travel industry.

Your generous and thoughtful contribution is critical to legislative efforts. Thank you.

Ohio Tourism Action Fund

Help OTA share the powerful story about the Ohio travel industry with others. Contributing to the Ohio Tourism Action Fund helps OTA create tools you can use to share the message of travel as a business income generator, job creator and tax revenue producer.

Contributions to the Ohio Tourism Action Fund can be made from businesses large and small that together represent Ohio’s travel community. This fund was created to equip the industry with public relations and research resources necessary to communicate our industry's importance to the national, state and local economy. Please join your peers in making an annual contribution to the Ohio Tourism Action Fund. Corporate contributions are welcomed. None of these funds are used for campaign contributions.

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