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Digital Marketing Techniques Influencing Travel

Stay on Top of Your Digital Strategy

Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most influential techniques to reach visitors and customers. This form of marketing is often cheap and done in-house. Many travel businesses have figured out how to tap into this market, but there are still infinite growth opportunities. Digital techniques spiral and curve, changing every year, and the travel industry must stay on top of emerging digital trends to stay relevant. After all, this industry is one of the biggest leaders in technology and marketing. 

Storytelling and Content Marketing
How is your marketing team telling your destination’s story? Whether it is Facebook Live, Instagram photos, a website post, online article, or a combination of these and more, it is important that your story gets out there. The art of storytelling is ancient, but its relevance is still important. Online platforms give you the soap box that you need to leverage your content and drive visitors to your region. An engaging story shared by a friend or family member becomes a powerful influencer for travel bookings. The more creative you get in telling your story, the more likely that a visitor will want to create their own story at your destination.

Advertising Based on Analytics
From websites to numerous social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and more, there is no shortage of channels to reach your customers or visitors. Travel entities have figured out how to post their branded story online. Analytics continue to emerge as one of the best tools to advertise to prospective guests. Each post click or page hit that you receive tells a digital story about your audience. These analytics continue to be one of the best trends influencing travel businesses, because they are tangible results. Analytics serve as the measurement of success for your campaign and are an important tool for taking your next marketing steps.

Social Media Marketing
From posting on a Facebook page to creating a Snapchat geofilter for a festival, social media marketing is a powerful tool for travel businesses. A captivating story about a hiking experience at a nature preserve can turn into a viral post with the right audience. Social media continues to influence traveler decisions and bookings. With new platforms and capabilities, your business must focus your message to stay relevant with your target audience.

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